Healing HandsReal miracles of healing and complete restoration. In England the LORD performed extraordinary miracles. To this day the people that were healed, of multiple sclerosis and blindness, stay healed.

Most people seem lonely and very poor when it comes to the miraculous healing touch of God. Our faith in medicine seems absolute and when it comes to miracles then we must have faith, which all to often is lacking. This loneliness is profound.

We did not bring ourselves into this world, nor will we take ourselves out of it, for by what right would we do that? We are visitors on this planet and whatever knowledge we have today; it in itself is not the Almighty God, but rather His gift to us.

We can help ourselves with antibiotics, which work for a while until another living organism builds resistance to it. We use band-aids and antiseptics; all these things help us. We have learned how to open human skull and even cut things out lodged in it. We can even transplant hearts, use prosthetics and scores of so many other helps, but ultimately it is the Creator who can recreate what He created.

God lives in a shack called religion, and religion lives in cathedrals, elaborate palaces and castles. Theology is what we believe in, not the Almighty God. No wonder that it is so hard to believe with that childlike simple faith, which we have allowed to be stollen from us. Pride of this life prevents us from receiving. But do we need the magical faith to experience the supernatural, which is a big word, for on God's side it is quite natural. All one needs is openness to something one may not fully understand; yes, like a hungry for new experiences child.

[Luke 18:8] When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth? Where did God's gift of faith go? Where is it hiding? And why would it hide from us? Is our own faith able to receive from God's hand something the human mind cannot fathom nor grasp?


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Each book contains 12 accounts. Up-to-date we have about 70 of miraculous accounts to share with you. A new book is being written about each miracle including the laws of God's Kingdom that govern them. When we see these laws lining up; we know of an impending miracle. Most miraculous occurrences are not by faith, but by God's love. When that stream of love is released with it comes the divine gift of faith.


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